Leadership training camp

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Leadership, nowadays, is a crucial character arc everybody must have to survive the challenges coming for them especially in this 21st century. 

On September 21st 2017, the 10th graders of SMAN 3 Bandung went to a Leadership Camp. This camp is a policy from the government for every student that studies in a high school. It is a must. 

In the morning of 21st September, around 6 a.m. We gather in a large field in Pussenif TNI-AD Bandung. We then got separated into groups that we stayed with till the end of the camp. We, of course, attended an opening ceremony, followed with a presentation about leadership in the indoor hall. Since we hadn't got any room to put our luggage, we still had them on the outdoor field. Just after we prayed noon prayer we got so-called 'barrack' to stay in. A barrack is this huge-long room with bunkbeds and cupboard for every individual sleeping in each. 
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a barrack

We then got more agendas one after another until finally we were told to sleep. Before we got a nice satisfying long rest, we were told to wake up and line up in a field. We got so-called consequences, or as i like to call it, basically punishment for students who do not wear full required PSAS. We then prayed and got more time to sleep.

In the morning of day 2, 22nd September 2017, we do a mild gymnastics to warm up our bodies. We then got some lessons about line of march for a the rest of the day if i'm not mistaken. At night, we went on this so-called "caraka" basically walking through cemeteries. I caught a cold at that time so i didn't join it. We then set a bonfire and went back to our barracks. 

The next day, our schedule was not as strict as before. We basically got some more leadership and march lessons and finally, the closing ceremony.