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World tournament was fun fun fun fun FUN!

First of all, having us in customes was a really good idea. Pirate customes? oh yeah!
So there's a story with our class's costumes discussion, we weren't ready for anything the day before World Tournament. Good thing there is internet am i right? There was an intense discussion on LINE app. Oh what should we wear? Oh who should be the captain. While the group is trying to get things straight, i made an eye patch for myself. But yikes, i ended up gave it to the captain because it just adds to his pirate-y look. Speaking of eye patches, can we get a moment to just think about how cool they are? Alright, eye patches are cool, there's that.  
So... I was, underdressed, I guess. So many students are wearing the best customes they can possibly prepare. Even one of the captains dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow. How cool is that? Well, to be fair. I WAS going to cosplay as robbie rotten from a particular song from the tv series lazy town. But, hadn't have the time. whoops. 

Having a pirate theme, i expected i would hear a lot of "MATE" or "AY AY" or "LAND HOOOOOO!!". But i didn't.... that;'s weird, I guess? Speaking of pirate sayings. We took the iconic "Ay ay captain" and turned it to "Ajay captain" Because our captain was Ajay. I know right? Nice isn't it?

Now is the part where I talk about the main stuff : the tournaments. I joined several competitions. Won some, lost some. Overall it was fun. I got to compete with friends from other classes. Healthy competitions tho! We're good and still talk like normal mates. 

Sadly, I couldn't join World Tournament till the end of the event. I've got a course to attend every Saturday. Well, to be fair, I actually was supposed to attend another course at Saturday mornings. But OSIS keeps filling my schedule with events. Yeah that's a major bummer. 

That's it about World Tournament! Honestly, I enjoyed it more because i got to dress as a pirate and talk english all day. No offense, but the main event, the competitions are less fun than hanging out with friends from another classes while looking like we're about to rob a ship. But i didn't regret going to this event! 

Thanks for reading! Bye!