Was gathapraya worth being hype for?

Was it?
Was it worth it?
Gathapraya was the best event that was held by SMAN 3 that I ever attended. Better than Tuan Dirga or anything else. This event was BIG. Bigger than common cultural festival that other schools hold. And wow. SMAN 3 makes this kind of event every year? I'm just so impressed! The organizers are so good at their jobs! Let me break this event down to parts and talk about the good and bad things about them. 

So, we started with a talent show in the morning. So many people raging from kindergardeners to wise old men attend to watch various kinds of dance performances. I find this part kinda boring. Mostly because the host keeps repeating the same stuff over and over again. And the preparation was taking too long. But I would let it pass because it's not a big part of Gathapraya. The parade on the other hand. The parade took about 3 hours or maybe less. Well, it felt like 3 hours. It was okay. i understand that the front line is moving very slowly because they walk while dancing. Fair enough. I wouldn't say it was enjoyable but it probably was for other people that watched the parade so i'm glad for them.

We arrived at Bali Field at around 11. We were not given anything to do so we kinda just.. went away... you know..  Most of my friends went home. Changing their clothes for the night performances. I didn't know we would have no agenda for roughly 4-5 hours. Eh, I guess i have time to go to my course. 

I came back to Bali Field at around 3.40 pm.Um, the security took my hand spray cleanser. So uh.. That sucked. Anyway, I met my friend from middle school there. Her name is Tina. She came with a few of her friends too. 

At the evening, we just kinda walk around, buying snacks and sitting in booths. There was a booth that I was very familiar with. Villa Merah booth! Of course! Villa Merah is the course I was talking about. That's exciting, what a coincidence. 

It's kinda hard to pray at this kind of events. But fortunately, the organizers turned the indoor field into mushola so it was not a big problem! After praying I got back to near the stage to watch T'ST perform their drama. It was very enjoyable. And then, finally, the guest stars performed. I wasn't really excited for them though. I stayed sitting in the back, very far from the stage. I drew while listening to their music. 

And then, at last, I went home. That, was Gathapraya 2017. The conclusion is, this event was very impressive and well handled. It was far from perfect, but hey! It was not even bad. This event was cool. Not regretting went there. I had not been really hype for it. But i think it was kinda worth it.
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