t u a n d i r g a

Wow, serously, who came up with these event names?? They sound fancy! Tuan Dirga, Gathapraya, Rahnadiguna. They all sound fancy. Props to them for making these events sound fun.

I wouldn't use the term "fun" for this event though
You see, you might notice that i'm a very negative person. Well, can't argue with that.
I usually exaggerate when i use this word, "fun". Everything, has its boring side. Including these school events. Listen, the competitions are amusing for sure. I mean, Tug of war? Galah asin? Bakiak race? Sure those are very amusing. But we got to do nothing for a pretty big amount of time. The organizer did a very good job at what they were supposed to do. But, I was bored. I was.. I was kinda bored yeah sure.

Even though I did not really enjoy this event, I'm gonna tell you about it. We arrived at around 7 am at Bali field. Then we were demanded to make a line per class. We heard the host talking about... you know.. stuffs. After that we finally began the games. First game : TUG OF WAR. Our class won. Next up : GALAH ASIN. We won. Again. Oh man we're good at these games. Next up: MAKING SCREAMISH MOTIVATIONAL SCREAM. I GUESS. I'd assume we won because, man, come on! Check it out and judge it by yourself. We're awesome.The next game was bakiak race. I ain't gonna lie, i got a good laugh when the bakiak slippers broke. Hahahaha! That was hilarious. Finally, HITTING SLIPPERS AND BUILDING UP ROCK CASTLES. It was cool, i think. And then we ran around to find letters. Twas tiring.

So, i had a course to attend at 1 pm that day so i didn't stay until the end of the event. I heard our class got donuts as a prize for being awesome. That is nice.

Thanks for reading! Bye!

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