Jodipan Village video assignment


Adila Rahmi Kamilah (1)
Kayla Faisal (17)


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Written essay / Script / Caption
     Kampung Wisata Jodipan is the first tourist village in Malang City which is a row of houses residents on the banks of the Brantas River featuring a wall of various colors that are not monotonousKampung Wisata Jodipan is usually called Kampung Tridi or Kampung Warna Warni.
     On 4 September 2016, Kampung Wisata Jodipan was inaugurated directly by the Mayor of Malang, H. Mochamad Anton accompanied by Forkopimda Malang, Chairman of TP PKK Malang and the Regional Secretary of Malang. In addition, there are also Vice President of PT Indana Paint, Steven A Sugiharto and GuysPro as the originator of this colorful village.
Kampung Wisata Jodipan itself is located in RT 06, 07, and 09, RW 02, Jodipan Urban Village of Malang. The existence of this village is expected to be a new tourist area in the city of Malang to hunt for selfie photos. These colors are expected to attract many people to come.
     Kampung Wisata Jodipan is a village that was initiated by eight students majoring in Communication University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), headed by Nabila Firdausiyah. This group of students took the corporate social responsibility program of the paint company to realize the village. They initially get the task of practicum Public Relations 2 from lecturers, then this group who joined in Guys Pro who had a brilliant idea to turn this slum into colorful.
     There are no much things to do in this village, other than taking pictures for memories and experiences. There are a few stores and gift shops too, these gift shops sells unique memorable things, perfect to buy for your family at home.
     A few things that you should pay attention and keep in mind when visiting this wonderful place are :
1. Don’t come here when it’s raining or generally bad weather. This village is an outdoor place so yea.
2. It's  best to visit this place at morning, noon, or anytime that the sun is still in the sky. You would prefer taking colorful pictures not in the dark.
3. You only need half a day to visit this village, this village is actually not that large. So, you better have another destination after visiting. I recommend culinary hunt, heh heh.
Bring a good camera, with full batteries. Because youre gonna, click click all day
     That’s it about kampong warna warni in jodipan, malang. After this video, did we convince you to visit this place? It’s worth a visit. Trust me.