DIALOGUE - A silly conversation about how exhausted my friend and I are because of school

 English Assignment : Dialogue
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Kayla : "It's been a though week, hasn't it?"
Adila : "What an exhausting week!"
Kayla :"3 Senior High School is not kidding about homework. I couldn't manage to get enough rest in my first 2 weeks of 10th grade." 
Adila : "Neither could I. Our senior said that the rest of the year is gonna be even tiring."
Kayla : "However we have to get good score to pass our classes. Or else we will have to take summer class. I'm not going to let school take half of my vacation and drawing time."
Adila : "I'm afraid that I'll be given a summer class. Talking about vacation, where would you wanna go? Tokyo? London? Or even Mars?"
Kayla : "Dude, I'm too lazy to even go to a mini market. Moreover another city. I'm going to spend my vaycay in front of my laptop, drawing all day and night. How about you?"
Adila : "I think  I'm going to go to the sun and burn all my homework there. Nah, no I'm kidding. If I did i would have been killed by my mom."
Kayla : "Your mom does not necessarily need to kill you, you'd melt by the heat of the sun, genius."
Adila: "What a beautiful sarcasm you got there."
Kayla : "Let's get back to where you are going for vacation. The dumpster? Trump Tower? Or even, the best place that could ever exist, the Internet?
Adila : "I'm gonna go to North Pole."
Kayla : "What the? What will you do there?  Doing science homework about global warming and see polar bears dying?" 
Adila : "Yup. Exactly. Do you wanna accompany me? I'll pay your trip."
Kayla : "Well, i guess going to North Pole is better than going to North Korea."
Adila : "We have to make sure we won't get any summer classes though."
Kayla : "In the meantime, we have to enjoy studying even though we might think it's too hard and useless in our future career."
Adila : "I have to do my biology, physics, math, english, sundanese, history, geology,chemistry, and economy homeworks for tomorrow."
Kayla ; "Same, Okay bye."

Adila and Kayla walks away. And then Kayla bends over.

Kayla : " We have math homework???"