Oh boy! It was last month, just right before I am officially a freshman in 3 High School. You know how millenialls cannot live without their phones? (eh, they can. I'm just using hyperbole. You know, like millenials!). Before school orientation, freshmen had to attend a technical meeting. We were told to wear Middle School uniform, bring food, come at 8 am, etc etc. But i wasn't ready for it since i just received the announcement that i was accepted in this high school 1 or 2 nights earlier. I prepared for this techmeet in rush. 
     When i  got out from my car that brought me here in 3 High School. I was scared to heck, thinking about my future social life. HOO boy! They say High School sucks! They say High School is evil! They say High School is like prison. Even maybe metaphorically 'hell' for introverts. But, we're not talking about my anxiety for my next 3 years. Just my anxiety about t-o-d-a-y. I forgot my phone. That's it! just not bringing my phone gave me a panic attack. A lilttle device that fits in your pocket is essential for most of us nowadays. No doubt. I needed my phone to call my mom or my driver when the technical meeting is done. Plus, my home is so far and i'm pretty sure i didn't bring any money. So i wander around school before the techmeet started because that's when i realized i didn't have it with me. I stambled upon a, seemingly, teacher, and i asked if this school has public telephone. He said, "Nope! But you can use my phone anyway." Good lord, i was so so grateful of it! I phoned my mom, she came back to school, handed me my phone and went away again. Don't worry tho. My mom was still near the school when i phoned her.
     Ah! problem solved right? right? no! Turns out, my phone has low batteries and eventually died. I was panic again. But one of my friend i recently made there was kind enough to lend me her phone.
     So, to the teacher that i don't recognize, if you're reading this, thank you so much for your kindness. To my one-of-first-friends that helped me with lending your phone, thank you so much. And i'm sorry for forgetting your name. And to school, please provide public telephones.