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My name is Kayla Faisal. Let me tell you a few things about myself. I am a 14 year-old student in SMAN 3 Bandung. I was born and raised in Bandung, a lovely city. I don't really like school. I'm not into math or physics like most of 3 High School students. But i love learning English. I want to learn french too if i have the opportunity in the future. But i really doubt that, because even my first week in school is already overwhelming. Yeah, the label "The best high school in the province" is apparently no kidding. Anyway, French is such a pretty language that's why i'm kind of into it! 

My hobby is definitely the thing i'm most excited to talk about. I LOVE drawing. It's not only my hobby but i'm planning it to be my future and career! Hold up before you assume anything. I love western modern cartoon styles and my style is heavily influenced by them as well. No, I don't either watch nor draw anime And i rarely draw realistic stuff. I like to draw digitally in my laptop with a wacom pentab. And last but not least, pardon me for my language, no, i can not draw you for free. I open commissions though! I also love cycling and watching videos.

I want to work in entertaiment industry. Especially films and theatres. I like writing screeplays. But my dream job is to work as a storyboard artist in a really famous animation studio like Disney. But also!! I want to produce my very own tv series. Beside those two, I would be so grateful if LEGO hired me as a storyboard artist or screenwriter. I grew up with one of their most popular cartoon series called Ninjago. It's getting its feature length movie in September 2017 too for your information. 

I want to go to ITB and CALARTS in order to reach my dream jobs. Alright! That's all you need to know about me.

Good bye!


  1. You have a wacom? Wow that impresses me! Good luck on achieving your dreams, i guess :p

    1. Yes I do. It's kinda old and already dying though. And thank you!


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